Mission Everest

The UAE Military Team

One Team. One Determination.

Wednesday 7 December 9pm KSA/10pm UAE


A team from the UAE Armed Forces will attempt to scale the highest mountain on earth: Mount Everest. Their journey is full of risks and dangers, now that they have reached base camp after 5 years of training and planning they are not willing to turn back. This is a story of their bravery and determination, one where they are faced with contrasting environments and backgrounds, a story of a team taking on one of the world’s most demanding mountaineering expedition.

Watch the premiere of Mission Everest: The UAE Military Team, Wednesday 7 December 9pm KSA/10pm UAE


Why do members of the UAE military service participate in adventure expeditions?

Designed to create experiential learning, these programmes form the basis of Adventure training in order to help garner further opportunities which enhance leadership and qualities that improve the performance of service men and women in times of peace and war.

This team consisted of 16 members, 13 of which are climbers from different military ranks and branches of the UAE Armed Forces. They were nominated based on their levels of fitness, motivation and ability to represent the UAE and their units on future expeditions.

Through the determination of one team they have succeeded in climbing and summiting Mount Everest.